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About Lazeez Catering

Our story


Our Story

Since 2005

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

- George Bernard Shaw

Lazeez catering is present at your service to put forward great varieties of delicious food servings since 2005.

We not only provide a variety of cuisines with marvelous taste but also provide executive lunch box services to bachelors and business workers. We assure you a great taste and variety in our kitchen, making it a best choice for you. We keep up a well-trained team to work with us, well established chefs who have a great taste.

We treat every single event as special, because it is. Trust in lazeez catering to help make your event the success you want it to be.


  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Best Service delivery
  • Master in F&B knowledge
  • Balanced food
  • Highly motivated Personnel teams
  • Long term Clients partnership and trust
  • Excellent atmosphere and professionalism


Our business services both corporate and private entities. We perfected ourselves in creating an artistic, elegant, memorable yet practical spread of dishes to be relished by both the eye and the palate. Gastronomical experience, Lazees catering specializes in ethnic Indian, Chines, Arabic  and continental cuisine. We settle only for the best. With great values, all our menus are of our pride.


Over 13 years we have built excellent relationships with our customers across UAE. We take pride in sourcing the very best local produce where possible, including meat, fruit and vegetables. All of the dishes for the events we cater are made fresh in our commercial kitchen. Our desserts are also made from scratch, to our own recipes, and baked specifically for each event.