Unforgettable Live BBQ Experiences, Anywhere, Anytime!

From Kitchen to Celebration Unwrap the Joy of Effortless BBQ!

At Lazeez Catering, we transform every occasion into an unforgettable BBQ experience. From elegant villas to picturesque parks and even indoors, our live BBQ service knows no bounds. No space? No problem! We craft delectable BBQ delights in our kitchen and present them in a buffet setup, ensuring your guests enjoy every bite. With the capacity to cater up to 1500 people, you don’t have to worry about a thing. From setup to cutlery, we handle it all. Plus, for the DIY enthusiasts, we offer our signature BBQ marination. Picnics, events, birthdays, or weddings – we make your moments sizzle! Let’s make your event exceptional. Let’s BBQ!
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Experience BBQ Bliss Where Your Convenience Meets Our Expertise!


Versatile BBQ Locations

Embrace BBQ joy at any venue, be it a villa, park, or indoors.


Limited space? No worries!

We craft and serve from our kitchen to your guests' plates.


Scalable for Any Gathering

From cozy parties to grand events, we cater seamlessly for up to 1500 guests.


Worry-Free Experience

Relax as we handle every detail, from setup to cutlery, ensuring your peace of mind.


BBQ Marination

For the enthusiasts, our signature marination lets you create your BBQ masterpieces.


BBQ for All Events

Picnics, birthdays, weddings, and more with our delectable BBQ spreads.

Rediscover the joy of gatherings with Lazeez Catering's Barbecue Service - where every bite is a celebration of flavor.



Crafted with Precision: Our culinary artisans meticulously prepare each dish, focusing on quality and taste. The result is a range of barbecue creations that delight the senses.

Seamless Elegance: Hosting an event should be as enjoyable as attending it. With Lazeez Catering, you can relax while our experienced team takes care of every detail, ensuring a seamless and elegant affair.

Tailored to You: We understand the importance of individuality. That’s why our barbecue service is flexible, allowing you to personalize your menu and experience according to your preferences.

BBQ Curiosities? Grill Us with Your Questions!

We try to answer as much as possible, still if you have any other question feel free to contact us.
We specialize in adding sizzle to various events, including picnics, birthday parties, weddings, and more. Whatever the occasion, our BBQ spreads elevate the celebration.
Not at all. Lazeez Catering ensures a worry-free experience. We handle everything from setup to providing high-quality cutlery, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.
We recommend getting in touch with us at least 2-3 days before your event to ensure we can prepare and cater to your live BBQ needs seamlessly. The sooner, the better to secure your sizzling celebration!
No need to fret. We can prepare our mouthwatering BBQ dishes in our kitchen and present them in a delightful buffet setup. Your guests can enjoy the sizzle without worrying about space.
Not at all! We can work our BBQ magic in any space, be it a spacious villa, a cozy park, or even indoors. No venue is too challenging for us.
Absolutely! Our live BBQ service is scalable and can cater to gatherings of all sizes, from intimate parties to grand events, accommodating up to 1500 guests with ease.
Certainly! If you’re a BBQ enthusiast, our signature marination is available for you to create your own grilled delights at home.
Fill in the details and we will send you customized quote.